Vertical white bar in Google Docs

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  • I am experiencing a similar problem. Zotero is available in my Google doc, but when I click on it to add a citation, the only thing displayed is a vertical white bar. What can I do to make Zotero work in my Google Docs? I am using Chrome as my browser.
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    Can you take a screenshot of what you're seeing, upload it somewhere (e.g., Dropbox or Google Drive), and provide a link here?

    You should also try with all other browser extensions disabled.

    If it's still not working after that, can you also provide a Debug ID from the Zotero Connector for 1) loading Google Docs and 2) clicking on the Zotero menu?
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  • That's from Zotero, not the Zotero Connector. And you didn't say whether you've tried with all other browser extensions disabled.
  • Thank you for your help! I used the Zotero connector and disabled the other browser extensions and now it is working!
  • You can try re-enabling the ones you had, one by one, and see if you can identify what broke it. Be sure to reload Google Docs after each change.
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