odf-scan (to markers) yields all identifiers as "undefined"


I've just installed the odf-scan plugin in order to move an ODT project to a different platform. When I try to convert my document with Zotero references to a document with scannable markers, all the item identifers end up being "zu:0:undefined". Based on an earlier post I saw reporting a similar problem, I'm wondering if this is simply a bug that is not planned to be fixed because the feature isn't that widely used. I'm just wondering if anyone else has encountered this and if there's a workaround or fix in sight. Any ideas?

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  • Yeah, it's this issue: https://github.com/Juris-M/zotero-odf-scan-plugin/issues/47 and the problem is with unsynced libraries. Not a high priority for fixing it, I'm afraid -- almost everyone has their library synced. I believe syncing your library and refreshing should fix this if that's an option.
  • Thanks for the reply. My library is synced, except that I have some group libraries that have crept above the quota, so their attachments aren't synced. All the references I'm citing are in my "My Library," which is fully synced.

    Is having a few attachments in group libraries that are not synced an example of the known issue? Do I have to delete those libraries or upgrade my Zotero storage to get this to work?
  • Update—after ensuring that all my libraries (personal and group) are synced and updated, I can confirm that this is still an issue, so it's not a problem with library syncing. Thanks.
  • I've left a comment on the GitHub page linked to above that includes attached files to demonstrate how the citations are given an "undefined" identifier. Again, the library is fully synced and updated, so it's a mystery to me why this doesn't work.
  • No, attachments are irrelevant. I'll take a look
  • Thanks! I look forward to seeing if you're able to find a solution.
  • @adomasven -- has the JSON that Zotero inserts in Reference Marks changed? I'm seeing both uri and uris in Zotero 5 documents, but just uris in Zotero 6 ones
  • This was actually a wider problem caused by changes in Zotero 6 and has now been fixed
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