Occasional (frustrating) lengthy delay from "Saving to" box until actual save

This isn't a Zotero problem but maybe there can be a Zotero solution.

Today, the problem is especially bad while I'm working with Springer-Nature journals. There is frequently a similar problem with Elsevier/ScienceDirect, Emerald Group, and Sage.

I click on the Zotero save article icon and the "Saving to" dialog box appears and after a moment disappears. However, the item doesn't appear as a record listing in my collection for 10 to 15 seconds.

Is is possible (and does it make sense) to provide some indication of import progress. Usually, the process requires 2 or 3 seconds. Five seconds is subjectively a long time. Too often the delay is that interminable 10 to 15 seconds. I find myself almost gesturing is an exaggerated way (like the bored aliens listening to the speech in the movie Buckaroo Bonzai) come-on get on with it. Some sort of progress indicator might help me to feel better if there is something to mollify my doubt that anything is actually happening.

The article pages load quickly and the Zotero icon converts to indicate that the page has finished loading but the import itself takes a painfully long time.

I can go to another publisher's site and the import is accomplished at the normal near-instantaneous pace. I return to the problem site and the delay returns.

Thanks for you consideration.
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