smart bibliographies and book sections

Not sure where to post this. The recent blog post on the zotero blog concerning "smart pages" and "smart bibliographies" is really helpful -- and as usual, the Zotero feature great.

However, it would be great and very useful would this also work for book chapters. At the moment, copying the exported HTML code for a book section reference does not seem to give any results on the website one copies it to: at variance with other items, like book references, the page does not become "Zotero readable".

This might be the reason for why none of the example bibliographies referred to on the blog has a book section item in it.

  • After trying many more times, my attempts to have a book-section recognised on the webpage in which I inserted the exported HTML were of no avail. Other item types did not work either. Though the blog mentions that "any HTML bibliography exported by Zotero is also Zotero-readable" I have the impression that, either I am doing something wrong, or the latter statement only concerns books and article items.

    Am I doing something wrong? Is this a Zotero issue, or is this related to the possible conventions for COinS metadata? Again, and though I was very excited to read this was possible, it would be really great would this feature work for all the item types supported by Zotero.


  • raf
    edited July 12, 2007
    For those who are interested, I found an answer: to have Zotero also recognise the citation data for book items to which you would like to refer on a website, you can enter the citation data of the item in the CoinS Generator.

    Then you can use Zotero to create a bibliography from the respective book item and choose to save it as HTML (like you would have done for books and articles). This HTML code you can use for the website. The CoinS snippet derived from the CoinS Generator can then be pasted between < span > tags inside the HTML code which you derived from Zotero.

    To find out where to put the CoinS meta-data, you can have a look at where Zotero puts this automatically where it concerns books and articles. (You also might like to delete "Insert Default Text Here" which the CoinS Generator puts there by default.)

    A bit cumbersome, but it works: also the book item icon will now appear in the location bar when someone looks at your site, and Zotero can scrape the data.
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