The tags

Suggestions: Show all the tags in first class folder.

The tags are only shown in the specific folder we established the tags. As there are a lot of folders, we could not see all the tags when we add a tag for a new article, even we forget the specific tags names we added, so it will be better if we could see the whole tags in the first-class folder, and we could later put the article to an exist one. For the tags in specific second/third class folder, it could show as a different color to standout.

Thanks a lot for this software!
  • You can enable "Display All Tags in This Library" from the tag selector menu if you want to see all tags, which will let you drag items to tags they're not currently associated with to assign them.

    Note that autocomplete results are for the whole library, so you'll always see all tags when actually typing in a tag.
  • That's great! I found it, thanks a lot!
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