Can't drag annotations to Obsidian

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  • @warguelles what you described here is exactly what I want to do:

    >@trungng2006 I usually drag a whole note.

    Single annotation:
    If you want to drag only one annotation, you will drag it from the left-hand pane in the Zotero PDF reader, and it will keep the backlinks (you can also select two or more annotations and drag them).
    You can also drag an annotation directly from the annotated PDF (center pane). It will copy the highlighted text and its comments (as well as the backlinks), but I find the previous option more convenient.<

    Unfortunately, in pdf viewer for me dragging and dropping annotations directly from the left side pane or the pdf itself into an obsidian note does not work at all. Nothing is dropped in Obsidian. First dragging them into a new Zotero Note ("Eintragsnotiz") and then dragging paragraphs (or marked text) from there into obsidian works but _does not_ keep the backlinks to the literature nor to the annotation.

    At the moment my only way to keep the links is using Quick-Copy-Notes with "Better Note Markdown" set as Note Format in the Export preferences. Using Zutilo -> Quick-Copy also works.

    Is there a way to make d n' d work? Are there any PlugIns known to to interfere with each other may be? Add-Ons installed: Better Note, Voyant Export, ZoteroPreview, Zutilo and some more that should not play a big role.

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    Are there any PlugIns known to to interfere
    Just disable them all and try. You should be able to drag annotations from the PDF reader to any text editor.

    And make sure Note Format is set to "Markdown + Rich Text" in the Export pane of the preferences.
  • @dstillman Setting the Note Format in the Export options back du "Markdown + Rich Text" made it work, thanks!

    I can now drag Annotations directly from the PDF or from the left side bar into Obsidian (and the like). Holding down Shift while dropping maintains links to Zotero.

    So Great! : )
  • Holding down Shift while dropping maintains links to Zotero.
    Just to clarify, that's not exactly "maintaining links" — it's forcing Obsidian to paste in plain-text mode, and Zotero currently only includes Markdown links in the plain-text output. Explained further here.
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