APA Intext Citation

I could not find any posts about this. If I missed it, apologies.

I use the Zotero MS Word addon for citations, and it has worked extremely well. There is one problem, however: APA has an intext and a parenthetical citation style, and the Zotero addon does not correctly insert the intext citation style.

This is an example of the parenthetical style, which Zotero inserts correctly: the situated learning model (Lave & Wenger, 1999). This is an example of the intext citation style, which Zotero does not seem to offer: the situated learning model developed by Lave and Wenger (1991).

If I am wrong and this is offered, apologies, again, and would someone please share how to make this happen? I had assumed clicking on the arrow when inserting a citation into MS Word would allow me to choose which style to use, but I cannot find that option.

Thank you!
  • When inserting (or editing) a citation, click the item (in the red box, before actually inserting. That will open up another box and you can select "Omit Author"
  • Thank you for the response, but I do not see how the suggestion resolves the issue. I do not want to omit the author— I am asking for the ability to change the format of the citation to match APA 7th edition in-text citation standards.
  • You can't. Omitting the author lets you achieve the above format by typing the authors in the text (and technically that's what the APA citation is -- it omits the authors from the citation because they're listed in the text).

    A more automated version will happen eventually, but not super soon. You can find some macro-based solutions for that on the forums.
  • Ah, okay. Thank you for the explanation!
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