Put data and files on your own server

Good day everyone,

I'm currently working on a company and we would like to use Zotero as a technology monitoring tool and for file storage in the same time. Group libraries are of course prefered. All functionalities offered by Zotero match with what we are looking for... Except for security.
We cannot accept to have our informations stored in Zotero servers in USA, because some of them are strictly confidential. My direction won't accept to store our data in a foreign country: we are based in France.
I looked at the webDAV protocol server solution but it looks weird: even if you only store files, does Zotero make datas and metadatas on them? Can I be assured that no data from files stocked in a webDAV protocol server transit in Zotero own data server? Plus, it doesn't work on group libraries...

To completely solve the issue I was looking for a way to have our own server to store all data and files we want to share in our team but it seems really hard to do so.

I was looking at git and some local server ideas (https://github.com/ZotPrime/zotprime
https://github.com/isabekov/dataserver ) but these are old and when I tried to install them on a Virtual Machine it didn't worked well. I'm not a dev expert infortunately.

I'm now asking you, mighty Zotero community: is there a way to share this wonderful tool to my team and store our data AND files in a server we can monitor?

Thanks for your help!
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