API Format and Zotero Connector

Is there a way to get the Zotero connector to automatically fire and ask to import an item with "format=rdf_zotero" API requests?

The Zotero connector automatically asks to import an item when the API link has "format=bibtex" or "format=biblatex". But if the request has instead "format=rdf_zotero", I just get a file download that then needs to be imported separately.

Examples below:

- https://api.zotero.org/users/2212/items/SKXRTSHH?format=rdf_zotero&key=qlHeulPeGhrFgCGOkI4E9YK8
- https://api.zotero.org/users/2212/items/SKXRTSHH?format=bibtex&key=qlHeulPeGhrFgCGOkI4E9YK8

The key difference for my purposes between the rdf_zotero and bibtex requests are what happens to the "Extra" field data when the item is added back to Zotero, going respectively into an attached note (bibtex) or back into the Extra field (rdf_zotero). I'm trying to get the behavior of the bibtex format request with the placement of Extra field information of the rdf_zotero request.

Thanks so much!
  • This is unrelated to the API -- the Zotero connector recognizes RIS and BibTeX wherever it's downloaded from. The problem with doing that for Zotero RDF is that it has neither its own mimeType (it's typically application/rdf+xml like any other RDF) nor does it have a different file extension -- it's just .rdf.
    So I don't think this is feasible.
  • But couldn't that be done by also allowing sharing the RDF format with an extension like .zoterordf? That could be picked up, and it would offer a way to share real copies of the item rather than having to use bibtex. Bibtex is not a great choice for roundtripping data.

    Alternately I'd be happy to contribute a minimal translator that imports/exports items in their serialized JSON format, which could use an extension like .zotero. That would allow lossless sharing.
  • The file extension is a question for dstillman -- I guess marking RDF as such also has its advantages?

    I think importing/exporting serialized JSON would be nice. The plan has long been to support a loss-less JSON-LD export/import, which would obviously be better/more universal, but since this does seem to be stalled (it requires more focussed work than I can muster at the moment). @dstillman would you take the simple Zotero JSON import/Export?
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