Is there a plug or existing way to copy multiple keys for pasting in latex?

I use better bibtex typically to manage things. But I am making entries like


By three click-click-copy-paste operations. If would be interesting to be able to select three papers (i.e. I found three papers and their are on the top of the list by recency) and just copy "AAA,BBB,CCC" in one go.

More relevant for like entire collections of tags. Must be a way of doing this just haven't found it.
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    Ok, after some digging around I found it. You need to go to Preferences -> Export then change item format to "better bibtex quick copy: citekeys".

    I also changed the export functionality int the preferences -> better bibtex -> export section but not sure that was needed.

    And it is ctrl+shift+c or similar on your system. It tells you the shortcut if you click through the preferences somehwere.
  • You can also use the Zutilo plugin to set a different keyboard shortcut for export, or to make the citekeys a secondary format and leave the default another format
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