Firefox extension does not ask where to save


I am new to Zotero coming from Mendeley. When I click the firefox "save to zotero" extension while viewing a pdf file, Zotero does not ask me where to save the reference, but dumps it in the main "My Library" cluttering it.
Is it possible to always let me choose which collection/folder to save to?

  • As long as you have the Zotero app open (as you always should when saving as long as Zotero is installed locally), the save popup includes both a Recents drop-down of recent save destinations and an arrow you can click to choose any collection in your library. (By default it will select whatever collection you have open in Zotero.)

    If you don't have the Zotero app open and have told the Connector to save straight to your web library, it will save to the library root.
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    @Snowy5138: Oh, sorry, I missed that you were specifically asking about saving a PDF in Firefox. We're not able to show the proper save popup in Firefox when viewing a PDF — unlike in Chrome, Firefox doesn't allow browser extensions to show UI on top of PDFs — so in that case you'll need to choose a collection in Zotero first. Note that, whenever there's an article page, you'd want to save from that instead, and Zotero will generally save both high-quality metadata and the PDF as long as you have access.
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