Mendeley import failed - only imported subset of files/entries

I installed Zotero 6.0.8 and started to import my Mendeley library. After a while I came back to the machine to check on my import and I believe Zotero had crashed (not sure, can't remember). I opened up my library and I noticed that the newest added paper was from 2015 (not 2022). After selecting all available papers I noticed it only imported about 1/3 of my library.

I'm not sure whether I should somehow reset my library and start over. Should I just try reimporting again? I started to make a few edits to meta data, not sure if that will throw things off. I also have yet to upgrade my storage despite clearly exceeding the free tier limit. I'm not sure if that is relevant -- my plan was to upgrade after confirming that things seemed to work fairly well. Is the size of the library a problem (around 18000 entries currently)?

  • Yes, you can just repeat the import — it should automatically import anything not yet imported. Don't delete anything.

    Storage is online-only and has no relation to this.
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