Several users - same database - group libraries/collections with different rights

Dear Zotero users,

We bought Unlimited Storage from Zotero.

For several users in our company, we installed Zotero locally on the client and linked the online database in the settings / Sync /.
This means that the same database is linked for all users.
This is good so far, because all users have access to the same database.

Now I have opened 2 Group Libraries (collections):
- Projects
- Publications
In the group Projects I want all persons to have all rights (create/delete).
In the Publications group, I want only the administrator to be able to create and delete publications. All other users who have access to the database via Sync should only have read rights in this group.

Can this be implemented, or is it not possible, because via Sync to the database, where the user and password must be entered by the administrator, the create/delete rights are automatically assigned to all groups?

Thank you very much and best regards,
Georges Burkhalter

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