IPCC Sixth Assessment Report - The Working Group II

Is it possible to add support for saving citation data and PDFs for the latest U.N. climate change report? (https://www.ipcc.ch/report/ar6/wg2/)
  • They should really make these easier to save, but yes, we'll manually add support soon.
  • I agree, this should be easier. Thank you
  • They're usually pretty easy to add from here, but they haven't been uploaded yet.

  • @ngamagn: Not sure what you mean by that. That would appear to get you extremely basic metadata. (You could do slightly better by pasting the ISBN into Add Item by Identifier.) For AR6 WG1 we added full metadata for each individual chapter and its respective authors (234 in all), and that's what we're planning to do here.
  • Wow, that's amazing! I obviously misunderstood --- I thought the point was to get the basic metadata.

    This may be a side topic, but do you often add full metadata to certain projects? And what's the best way to get full metadata usually? (I tend to either add the doi, isbn, etc. directly or use the connector or the bookmarklet to send stuff over to my web library)
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    If this helps, here are the authors of the full report, the technical summary and the 8 first chapters (I followed the format of the existing IPCC translator)

    report6Editors = 'Hans-Otto Pörtner; Debra Cynthia Roberts; Melinda M.B. Tignor; Elvira S. Poloczanska; Katja Mintenbeck; Andrès Alegría; Marlies Craig; Stefanie Langsdorf; Sina Löschke; Vincent Möller; Andrew Okem; Bardhyl Rama'

    report6TechSummaryAuthors = 'Hans-Otto Pörtner; Debra Cynthia Roberts; Helen Adams; Ibidun Adelekan; Carolina Adler; Rita Adrian; Paulina Aldunce; Elham Ali; Rawshan Ara Begum; Birgit Bednar-Friedl; Rachel Bezner Kerr; Robbert Biesbroek; Joern Birkmann; Kathryn Bowen; Martina Angela Caretta; Jofre Carnicer; Edwin Castellanos; Tae Sung Cheong; Winston Chow; Gueladio Cissé; Susan Clayton; Andrew Constable; Sarah Cooley; Mark John Costello; Marlies Craig; Wolfgang Cramer; Richard Dawson; David Dodman; Jackson Efitre; Matthias Garschagen; Elisabeth Gilmore; Bruce Glavovic; David Gutzler; Marjolin Haasnoot; Sherilee Harper; Toshihiro Hasegawa; Bronwyn Hayward; Jeffrey A. Hicke; Yukihiko Hirabayashi; Cunrui Huang; Kanungwe Kalaba; Wolfgang Kiessling; Akio Kitoh; Rodel Lasco; Judy Lawrence; Maria Fernanda Lemos; Robert Lempert; Christopher Lennard; Deborah Ley; Tabea Lissner; Qiyong Liu; Emma Liwenga; Salvador Lluch-Cota; Sina Löschke; Simone Lucatello; Yong Luo; Brendan Mackey; Katja Mintenbeck; Alisher Mirzabaev; Vincent Möller; Mariana Moncassim Vale; Mike D. Morecroft; Linda Mortsch; Aditi Mukherji; Tero Mustonen; Michelle Mycoo; Johanna Nalau; Mark New; Andrew Okem; Jean Pierre Ometto; Brian O’Neill; Rajiv Pandey; Camille Parmesan; Mark Pelling; Patricia Fernanda Pinho; John Pinnegar; Elvira S. Poloczanska; Anjal Prakash; Benjamin Preston; Marie-Fanny Racault; Diana Reckien; Aromar Revi; Steven K. Rose; E. Lisa F. Schipper; Daniela N. Schmidt; David Schoeman; Rajib Shaw; Nicholas P. Simpson; Chandni Singh; William Solecki; Lindsay Stringer; Edmond Totin; Christopher Trisos; Yongyut Trisurat; Maarten van Aalst; David Viner; Morgan Wairu; Rachel Warren; Philippus Wester; David Wrathall; Zelina Zaiton Ibrahim'

    report6Ch1Authors = 'Rawshan Ara Begum; Robert Lempert; Elham Ali; Tor Arve Benjaminsen; Thomas Bernauer; Wolfgang Cramer; Xuefeng Cui; Katharine Mach; Gustavo Nagy; Nils Christian Stenseth: Raman Sukumar; Philippus Wester'

    report6Ch2Authors = 'Camille Parmesan; Mike D. Morecroft; Yongyut Trisurat; Rita Adrian; Gusti Zakaria Anshari; Almut Arneth; Qingzhu Gao; Patrick Gonzalez; Rebecca Harris; Jeff Price; Nicola Stevens; Gautam Hirak Talukdar'

    report6Ch3Authors = 'Sarah Cooley; David Schoeman; Laurent Bopp; Philip Boyd; Simon Donner; Shin-Ichi Ito; Wolfgang Kiessling; Paulina Martinetto; Elena Ojea; Marie-Fanny Racault; Björn Rost; Mette Skern-Mauritzen; Dawit Yemane Ghebrehiwet'

    report6Ch4Authors = 'Martina Angela Caretta; Aditi Mukherji; Md Arfanuzzaman; Richard A. Betts; Alexander Gelfan; Yukiko Hirabayashi; Tabea Katharina Lissner; Elena Lopez Gunn; Junguo Liu; Ruth Morgan; Sixbert Mwanga; Seree Supratid7

    report6Ch5Authors = 'Rachel Bezner Kerr; Toshihiro Hasegawa; Rodel Lasco; Indra Bhatt; Delphine Deryng; Aidan Farrell; Helen Gurney-Smith; Hui Ju; Salvador Lluch-Cota; Francisco Meza; Gerald Nelson; Henry Neufeldt; Philip Thornton'

    report6Ch6Authors = 'David Dodman; Bronwyn Hayward; Mark Pelling; Vanesa Castán Broto; Winston Chow; Eric Chu; Richard Dawson; Luna; Timon McPhearson; Anjal Prakash; Yan Zheng; Gina Ziervogel'

    report6Ch7Authors = 'Guéladio Cissé; Robert McLeman; Helen Adams; Paulina Aldunce; Kathryn Bowen; Diarmid Campbell-Lendrum; Susan Clayton; Kristie L. Ebi; Jeremy Hess; Cunrui Huang; Qiyong Liu; Glenn McGregor; Jan Semenza; Maria Cristina Tirado'

    report6Ch8Authors = 'Joern Birkmann; Emma Liwenga; Rajiv Pandey; Emily Boyd; Riyanti Djalante; François Gemenne; Walter Leal Filho; Patricia Fernanda Pinho; Lindsay Stringer; David Wrathall'
  • Chapters 9-18:

    report6Ch9Authors = 'Christopher H. Trisos; Ibidun O. Adelekan; Edmond Totin; Ayansina Ayanlade; Jackson Efitre; Adugna Gemeda; Kanungwe Kalaba; Christopher Lennard; Catherine Masao; Yunus Mgaya; Grace Ngaruiya; Daniel Olago; Nicholas P. Simpson; Sumaya Zakieldeen'

    report6Ch10uthors = 'Rajib Shaw; Yong Luo; Tae Sung Cheong; Sharina Abdul Halim; Sanjay Chaturvedi; Masahiro Hashizume; Gregory E. Insarov; Yoichi Ishikawa; Mostafa Jafari; Akio Kitoh; Juan Pulhin; Chandni Singh; Kripa Vasant; Zhibin Zhang'

    report6Ch11Authors = 'Judy Lawrence; Brendan Mackey; Francis Chiew; Mark J. Costello; Kevin Hennessy; Nina Lansbury; Uday Bhaskar Nidumolu; Gretta Pecl; Lauren Rickards; Nigel Tapper; Alistair Woodward; Anita Wreford'

    report6Ch12Authors = 'Edwin J. Castellanos; Maria Fernanda Lemos; Laura Astigarraga; Noemí Chacón; Nicolás Cuvi; Christian Huggel; Liliana Miranda; Mariana Moncassim Vale; Jean Pierre Ometto; Pablo L. Peri; Julio C. Postigo; Laura Ramajo; Lisandro Roco; Matilde Rusticucci'

    report6Ch13Authors = 'Birgit Bednar-Friedl; Robbert Biesbroek; Daniela N. Schmidt; Peter Alexander ; Knut Yngve Børsheim; Jofre Carnicer; Elena Georgopoulou; Marjolijn Haasnoot; Gonéri Le Cozannet; Piero Lionello; Oksana Lipka; Christian Möllmann; Veruska Muccione; Tero Mustonen; Dieter Piepenburg; Lorraine Whitmarsh'

    report6Ch14Authors = 'Jeffrey A. Hicke; Simone Lucatello; Linda D. Mortsch; Jackie Dawson; Mauricio Domínguez Aguilar; Carolyn A.F. Enquist; Elisabeth A. Gilmore; David S. Gutzler; Sherilee Harper; Kirstin Holsman; Elizabeth B. Jewett; Timothy A. Kohler; Kathleen Miller'

    report6Ch15Authors = 'Michelle Mycoo; Morgan Wairiu; Donovan Campbell; Virginie Duvat; Yimnang Golbuu; Shobha Maharaj; Johanna Nalau; Patrick Nunn; John Pinnegar; Olivia Warrick'

    report6Ch16Authors = 'Brian O'Neill; Maarten van Aalst; Zelina Zaiton Ibrahim; Lea Berrang Ford; Suruchi Bhadwal; Halvard Buhaug; Delavane Diaz; Katja Frieler; Matthias Garschagen; Alexandre Magnan; Guy Midgley; Alisher Mirzabaev; Adelle Thomas; Rachel Warren'

    report6Ch17Authors = 'Mark New; Diana Reckien; David Viner; Carolina Adler; So-Min Cheong; Cecilia Conde; Andrew Constable; Erin Coughlan de Perez; Annamaria Lammel; Reinhard Mechler; Ben Orlove; William Solecki'

    report6Ch18Authors = 'E. Lisa F. Schipper; Aromar Revi; Benjamin L. Preston; Edward. R. Carr; Siri H. Eriksen; Luis R. Fernández-Carril; Bruce Glavovic; Nathalie J.M. Hilmi; Debora Ley; Rupa Mukerji; M. Silvia Muylaert de Araujo; Rosa Perez; Steven K. Rose; Pramod K. Singh'

    Hoping there is no mistake
  • This may be a side topic, but do you often add full metadata to certain projects?
    No, this is an exception given the importance of the IPCC reports (combined with the poor quality of their available metadata).
    See https://www.zotero.org/support/dev/exposing_metadata for how to make metadata available in ways that Zotero can read for any project.
  • @poettli: Thanks so much for putting those together! Just pushed an update. Your Zotero Connector should auto-update within 24 hours, or you can update manually by clicking Update Translators in the Advanced pane of the Zotero Connector preferences.
  • Maybe a stupid question, but how do I access the IPCC metadata? When I use Zotero connector to add the IPCC AR6 chapter to my library, no metadata is added. Is there a unique identifier for these reports? Using the "Add Items by Identifier" button and copying in the DOI doesn't seem to work either, it says Zotero can't find it. Please help!
  • I meant how to get the chapter metadata into Zotero without manually typing out the authors' names and editors' names etc.?
  • By saving to Zotero from that link
  • When you hover your mouse over the connector of your web browser, you should see "Save to Zotero (IPCC)". Clicking on the connector gives you access to the list of chapters. You can select which one you want to save
  • AMAZING! Thanks so much.
  • It works great!Thank you so much for this! It has always been a cumborsome process to manually input all the metadata of the IPCC reports and this really helps. I've noticed that 6th AR WR1 report is also supported, which is great.
    It would be awesome to be able to get the metadata via translator for other important reports too, for example:
    IPCC 6th AR - The Working Group III, Mitigation of Climate Change; https://www.ipcc.ch/report/ar6/wg3/
    Special report Climate Change and Land; https://www.ipcc.ch/srccl/
    Special report Global Warming of 1.5 ºC;
  • Hi I echo psj8710. I need the full bibliography of AR6 WGIII like you've done for WG2. Those were so simple. Please do try and create and easy zotero connector option for WGIII reports in a folder format.
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