Accidentally deleted my entire Zotero library

Hi everyone,

I was merging two Zotero accounts and accidentally deleted the local library saved on my computer. I thought that recovering from the web library would solve the problem, but the web library only has half of my previous data stored. I don't know what happened to the rest, and have tried pretty much everything. No, I do not have a backup storage for Zotero, as I only entered information onto the local computer library directly. Apparently most of the data was not synced to the web.

What should I do? I'm a PhD student and I lost so much. I'm panicking. I have also tried the "reset" option where you replace the online library with local library information, and that has not worked. The issue happened today at noon, and I'm afraid Zotero might have permanently deleted my local drive already. Please help.
  • What do you mean by "accidentally deleted the local library"?

    Are you saying you switched syncing between two accounts?

    When you switch accounts, Zotero warns you that it will need to delete all local data for the current account, requires you to check a checkbox saying "Remove all data for “[current account]” from this computer", and says to make sure you either have uploaded any data to the current account before continuing or have a backup of your Zotero data directory.

    Assuming you did one of those things, you can restore by either switching back to the previous account or restoring from the backup.

    If not, I'm afraid there's nothing to be done. Switching accounts has no effect on either online library, but it does delete your local data when you tell it to.
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