Synching takes 3 weeks or so

Hi, I've added files to a group library on the desktop app, then they take a few weeks to show up web version of the library. In some cases, they then take another few weeks to show up in my team members' desktop app library. I've got data synching and file synching options all checked. I've tried manual synch and nothing seems to help. I haven't figured out whether this happens to all files or just the ones that team members have mentioned that they can't find - but this has happened more than once. Could these slow-synching files been saved in a different way, like if I used manual entry to create a parent item or something like that? Any suggestions? Thanks!
  • Are you referring to data or to files?

    Are these exceptionally large files (like, multiple gigabytes)?

    Is the sync icon spinning continuously when this happens? If so, what does it say when you hover over the icon?

    But no, there's no general reason this would happen unless you're uploading huge files and have a slow upload speed.
  • They're just standard pdfs. I suspect they are just a few MBs max, probably more like KBs.

    The green synch arrow spins for a bit and then stops. When I hovered over it, it says it synched 12min ago (I think I did a manual synch then), but my latest library entry is not showing up on my web library.
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    Well, again, are you referring to library data (items, collections) or to files? Are you saying that you don't see the item in the web library at all, or are you not able to view the attached PDF online?

    For items, see Changes Not Syncing.

    For files, see Files Not Syncing.
  • Thank you. I'm not sure how or why but some libraries had synching turned off. I've turned it back on for all my libraries - again. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. Any idea why those would have been turned off; they all used to synch?
  • There shouldn't be any way for those to get disabled other than by manually disabling them in that dialog.
  • Must have been a gremlin or some local-IT glitch. It was a random subset of my libraries that where synch was turned off. But yay, it's working again! Thanks for your help.
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