Save Style sheet to style folder in mac

Hello all,
How can I save a XSL data sheet page in a style folder in my Microsoft word in Mac?
  • XSL? Do you mean CSL? Is this a question about Zotero?

    Can you back up and explain exactly what you're trying to do and how it relates to Zotero?
  • Yes I mean XSL.

    The thing is that I have a word file that I have used word build-in citation and I have cited 200 references. I want to change this format to Zotero referencing, so I don't change every single citation in the content.

    Do you know how I have to do it?
  • Sorry, you can't convert Word to Zotero citations
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    I am guessing that you used Word's built-in citation tool and further that the citations are not yet records in your Zotero library. Although there isn't a utility to directly capture and convert your Word citations into Zotero records; there is a multi-step process that can help:

    You can use the AnyStyle utility [ ] to parse your Word bibliography and convert the items into Zotero records. The AnyStyle process will require some "training" and then once imported into Zotero each record will likely need some additional editing. With 200 references you might consider the alternative (below).

    If most of your Word bibliographic records are of journal articles or books, you can quickly, one-by-one, copy the reference's title, do a search for the document using Google Scholar, link from GS to the item on the publisher's website, and directly import the item into Zotero. That may sound horribly tedious and time-consuming but shouldn't require more than 4 hours -- significantly less if you don't use a slow internet connection and the publishers' websites are responding properly. (My staff and I can go from copied title, through GS, to the publisher's site and into Zotero in about 45 seconds unless the publisher's site is slow. Sometimes, even Sage, Science Direct, Taylor & Francis, and Wiley can be frustratingly slow.)

    Getting the Zotero citations to replace your Word-inserted citations may require a considerable amount of editing time. How much depends on whether you use a numbered style or an author-date style and then footnote vs endnote styles.

    Once you get to the point of changing to Zotero references in your document, you should write with more details. I or someone else will have suggestions to ease that pain. In 2007, I replaced 500+ different reference citations in the manuscript of my doctoral dissertation after manually moving all my reference items from another reference manager to Zotero. The whole process was accomplished in a day. I can add that, when making the conversion, I found ways to greatly improve on my original prose.
  • Thanks all for your comments.

    yes, I have transferred all my references to Zotero library using Zotero.

    However, for transferring all the references in build-in word to zotero I have problem.

    Zotero has offered a solution for this problem.

    It says:

    You can follow these steps to format the bibliography as BibTeX, which Zotero can import:

    Download this Word bibliography stylesheet.
    Save the stylesheet to Word's bibliography styles folder:
    Word 2016/2019/Office 365 for Windows:
    Word 2010 for Windows:
    C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\\Bibliography\Style

    C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\\Bibliography\Style

    Mac: Go to the Applications folder. Right-click on Microsoft Word and choose “Show Package Contents”. Navigate to:
    In Word, change your bibliography style to “BibTeX export” and copy the bibliography to the clipboard.
    Use Zotero's Import from Clipboard function.
    To continue using the same document, you'll want to replace all instances of the original citations so that Zotero can generate a correct bibliography.

    I know all the steps, except the one that says in Mac save the stylesheet to Word's bibliography styles folder. I don't know how to save a stylesheet to a folder!!!

    If anyone knows, please, let me know. Thanks.

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