Change the in text citation order

Using the Elsevier style, a few of my citations are out of order so that [13] comes before [11,12]. I'm not sure why this happens or how to make it reorder appropriately. The rest of my citations seem to be added correctly.
  • try switching to a. different style and back
  • Thanks for the suggestion, but that was the first thing I tried. I also noticed a couple of other citations that seem out of order. I'm thinking that after adding the reference list the citations don't want to change numbers. Perhaps I'll try deleting the reference list and re-add the citations??
  • Make sure you're citations are actually still active.

    If they're not then it can also not sort them anymore.
  • Thanks! I ended up deleting the reference list and citations and re-entering them in text then remaking the bibliography. Time consuming, but it worked and is thankfully done.
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