Error: 'setState' when opening some pdfs

report ID 2099244126

When I open some pdfs I keep encounter this error
  • [JavaScript Error: "Win error 5 during operation open on file C:\Users\[…]\Documents\[…]\Zotero\storage\3KR4THEN\.zotero-pdf-state (Access is denied.
    Start by upgrading to the latest version of Zotero, and check why you're not getting automatic updates. Your version is from April.
  • I tried to update Zotero but I keep receiving this message:
    the update could not be installed. Please make sure there are no other copies of Zotero running on your computer, and then restart Zotero to try again.
  • Restart your computer and try again.
  • It did not fix the problem unfortunately
  • Just re-install Zotero instead, then (that does the same as an update). Do make sure to have a back-up of your data folder, but in all expectations, Zotero will just start up with all your data after re-install.
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