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Hello I am using zotero since 2 years ans I love it so much, i could not imagine my life without.

I have some ideas of features

For the notes attached to a file:

-Would it be possible to add shortcut keys to have H1 h2 h3, bold or italic, like ctrl 1 ctrl 2, etc, or make it then possible to custom it ? Maybe take some code from markdown open source as mark text and implement it here ? Having the management of code lines would be amazing also.

-add the possibility to change or custom the background theme and font by default.

best wishes

  • The note editor in Zotero 6 supports markdown entry for headings, italics, bold, bold-italics, and code text, as well as code blocks, block quotes, links, and images
  • Hey, there is indeed a code support but the code is not highlighted

    here a comparison

    From zotero:

    From marktext:

    The difefrence is that you can change how the code is displayed ( color) following id the code is js/ python/ shell or else

    Then The biggest recommendation of feature in the shortcut keys, it would be insane to take notes while reading articles.

  • Code highlighting is not a native markdown feature. Not sure if Zotero is going to be interested in implementing it (some md editors do indeed have custom code highlighting built in -- but that seems fairly heavyweight for a reference manager.

    I don't understand what you're saying about shortcut keys? Why does md syntax not work for you?
  • Ye full understand you the code highlighted is not a priority

    For the shortcut keys is just i can select it from the mouse, it just you need to stop to write take the mouse and select it, if you add shortcut keys it would make it smoother

    Like here juste to take an instance:
  • oh I see for title 1: #, title 2 ##, title 3: ###,

    ctrl I and B work

    But is there the possibility to custom them ?
  • But you can just use markdown, that's what bwiernik was saying

    > blockquote

    # Heading 1

    ## Heading 2


    *italics* **bold** etc.

    No need for the mouse.
  • No, this is standard markdown; it's not customizable.
  • Ok ok I mean this is perfect then, I was used with shortcut keys, but I just need to learn the syntax then which is quite easy.

    This is perfectly what I was looking for an in real time md support.

    Tak for the time guys ! :-)

  • Or maybe yes, just the possibility to change the default theme for h1 h2 h3 and default font.

    Like I want h1 being orange size 16: , h2 blue size: 14 etc ?

    is there ?
  • You can customize the note CSS using the extensions.zotero.note.css hidden pref (preferences → Advanced → Config Editor).
  • Super really thank you ! I have been successful to change the alignment but it looks like it dos not display the color :
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