Can't manually rename stored file?

I'm trying to manually rename a stored copy of a file that's previously been automatically renamed from parent metadata by Zotero itself. The reason is that I stored 3 pdfs, which are volumes 1, 2, and 3 of a single book. So there are 3 items that are identical, except for the "volume #" field. Since the automatic rename from metadata function ignores the volume # field, there are now 3 saved files with identical names (Smith – 2022 – Title of Giant Treatise.pdf). This makes me uncomfortable, so I'd like to rename the files to something like

1 Smith - 2022 - Title
2 Smith – 2022 - Title
3 Smith – 2022 - Title

I'm trying this by going:

Right click Zotero item > Show file > Rename (in the resulting Finder window) > Type the new file name

But when I return to Zotero it ignores my attempt and the attached file name stays the same. How can I manually rename it?
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