Error report 1483045867

Got error while synching to cloud.

I have a number of attached notes with URL like this in them;

If I put this url into my browser manually then I get the following:
"Cloudflare DDoS Just a Moment".

The site eventually returns with
and the image opens.

Obviously the Cloudflare interface is to redirect the orignal http request to a more secure https request.

Simply changing the original URL to bypasses the Cloudflare delay and flips to almost instantly but changing all my records to the format would make the GET https JavaScript call more efficient.

Manually editing all my records to the new URL should fix the error BUT while I can export and import RDF records it would be simpler to be able to just import a CSV file that contains the Zotero ID of the errent record to replace the attached Note with the new URL.
It would be much less labourious than editing each record manually.

  • What's the actual problem you're reporting here? What does a Cloudflare redirect on an image URL have to do with syncing (or with Zotero, for that matter)?
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