[SOLVED] "Back" and "Forward" buttons in built-in pdf reader

edited 11 days ago
I'm very happy with the built-in pdf-reader in Zotero, although one feature would make the experience even better. When I click on a citation in the text, and it takes me to the citation list to see it, I would love to have a button that could send me back to where I was reading. As of now, I have to navigate back to the place, and it can be a bit of a pain. Also, a forward button could be nice.
Hope this can be added in a new update.

  • Those exist, not as buttons, but as keyboard shortcuts,

    Back: Alt+Left, Ctrl+[ (Windows), Cmd+Left, Cmd+[ (Mac)
    Forward: Alt+Right, Ctrl+], Cmd+Right, Cmd+]

    and also in the pulldown menu above, Go --> Back or Forward.

    Keyboard shortcuts are here (but the PDF reader and Note editor shortcuts appear to be incomplete): https://www.zotero.org/support/kb/keyboard_shortcuts
  • Wow, I can't believe I didn't stumble upon that myself. Thanks a lot for the help! And for the link, it's very helpful.
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