Can't upload local pdf file to Zotero or download the pdf file through zotero connector

edited June 17, 2022
Report ID: 60177404
Report ID: 1231125893 (for connector)


For the local file uploading, nothing happened when I dragged the local file to the Zotero window. When I clicked the attachment sign, the item "attach stored copy or file" was invalid, i.e. it was grey and has no response at all. I already checked my storage, also restart my Zotero, but it still doesn't work.

For the connector, when I clicked the "Save to Zotero" button, the pdf wouldn't be saved as usual but only the URL link. If I chose "Save to Zotero (PDF)", an item without any title would be generated in Zotero. When I clicked the item, it jumped to the website containing the article according to the URL but not the local file.

Hope the problems can be solved, Thanks!

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