Blank extensions page when using Tools->Add-ons in 6.0.9-beta.5+43c86c0e5

Extensions page opens as a blank window when trying to add an .xpi file. The prior beta release worked fine with Tools->Add-ons. On another Win 11 machine I added the better notes xpi to the prior beta release, then updated to 6.0.9-beta.5+43c86c0e5 and on this machine with the updated 6.0.9-beta.5+43c86c0e5 Tools->Add-ons shows the extensions page with listed extensions.

Any suggestions? Thank you!
  • edited June 17, 2022
    It's nothing to do with the version. It's just some problem with an extension you've installed or some corrupted file in your Zotero profile directory. Try restarting your computer. Try starting in Safe Mode by holding down Shift when starting Zotero and uninstalling some extensions. If all else fails, you can try deleting extensions.json in the profile directory.

    If you provide a Report ID we might be able to say more.
  • Dan:

    Thank you. I used Safe mode (never knew about it before) and installed several .xpi files, then restarted Zotero and the extensions are all there. Brilliant! Gratitude.
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