Zotero Beta expired

Hi anyone out there

The beta app has suddenly expired on my iPad. Without warning. How can I get it back?

  • The current beta is 11 days old and certainly hasn't expired. You may have been on an older beta version.

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    @gwawr: Though there was another report of this today, so assuming you were in the current beta group (not the old one), I'd guess that TestFlight is just being glitchy and the beta group will show up if you check again or check again later.
  • Thanks for replying. I can’t tell what version I was on, as it will not open . I looked in TestFlight and it just said “ The developer removed you from the test programme.” I was using it yesterday. It crashed a couple of times.
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    Yeah, that's just TestFlight being broken. There was another similar report.
  • Ah! Righto! I shall induce patience and see what happens tomorrow. Maybe it will work again.
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    I mean you can try to join again and see if it lets you. It's just a link these days.
  • Well that suggestion worked. You are an ace.
  • Just to update for others who might see this, I think would've had to have been one of two things:

    1) If you were on the old, invite-only beta channel from before the app was released, the last beta version on that channel would've expired on June 16, a day before this thread and the other report of this. We sent an email back in March to everyone on the old beta channel with the link for the new, public beta channel.

    2) If you switched from the old beta channel to the new one, there may have been some TestFlight glitch that nevertheless removed the current build when the old one expired on June 16, even thought the old one was on a different channel and was a different build. (This seems unlikely, but I'm not sure how else to explain the report in the other thread from someone who was running the current beta.)

    In either case, reinstalling the beta from the link above should restore it.
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