Style Request: DeriveApprodi

Dear all,
I would like to create the citation style for an Italian publisher, DeriveApprodi who often publishes academic books. Here is the website:

This are the main references I have for the bibliography style (from the editorial notes of the publisher).

__Single Author Books__

U. Eco, Il nome della rosa, Bompiani, Milano 1981.

__Multiple Authors Books__

M. Hardt – A. Negri, Impero, Rizzoli, Milano 2002.

__Edited Books__

R. Bellofiore, a cura di, Il lavoro di domani, BFS, Pisa 1998.


S. Akbarzadeh, Afghanistan, la guerra del gasdotto internazionale, «Internazionale», n. 155, 1996.


A. Fumagalli, Moneta e potere, in AA. VV., La moneta nell’Impero, Ombre Corte, Verona 2002.

I am trying to use as a foundation the Einaudi style.

I think I am almost there, but I am not able to find a way, in the csl markup, to change the "and" with "–".

Is it possible in any way?

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