Incomplete metadata from Zotero connector (Proquest)

Report ID: 548612015

I'm not sure if the report is relevant, since no issue was flagged in the system.

Using Zotero connector on MS Edge, and I have the same problem with Chrome. Windows 10. Zotero version 6.0.8

I use the Zotero connector quite frequently, usually without issue. However, when I access New York Times articles from Proquest ( and add it to my Zotero library with the connector, the "Date" field only includes the year. I would expect it to include the month and date as well. (For example,

When I use Zotero connector in Proquest to access other publications, the date shows up as I would expect. (For example,

I've communicated extensively with the Proquest help team, and they couldn't see anything on their end.
  • We're using the information in the Abstract/Details view. For some reason, the NYT version only has the publication year, the WaPo article you link to has the full Publication Date as a separate row.
  • So who controls that metadata? Who could I alert that there's no entry for "publication date" for any NYT article in Abstract/Details?
  • That's ProQuest -- I'd hope they can do something about that.
    I'll note (since they likely will) that they do have the full date in the RIS (under citation), but we don't use that a) because it's very tricky to get to and b) because we have found that overall the data on the page is more reliable than the RIS
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