Zotero Connector proxy - explicit domain exclusion (or only subdomain)?

edited June 16, 2022
I really love the automatic proxy feature of the Zotero Connector (currently on Firefox 101.0.1). I have one issue with it though.

As an example, if I manually access an article at science.com through my university proxy (I have a keyword shortcut for that in Firefox), then Zotero adds science.com to the proxy domain list. That's very nice for when I want to read papers, but if for example I just want to read Derek Lowe's blog (In the Pipeline), which is also on the science.com domain, then Zotero also redirects me through the proxy. This is annoying because, if I haven't used the proxy in a little while, or if I've changed locations, then I have to do all the multi-factor login stuff that our uni proxy requires.

Simply removing the domain from the domain list is of course an alternative, but then when I later want to read an article, and I access it through our proxy, it gets added to the list again, and I'll have to remove it when I want to read a blog post. Thus I think it would be nice to be able to explicitly define domains for which I don't want automatic proxy redirection. This is also the case for some other sites where I want to be able to manually use the proxy, but I don't want it to be added to Zotero, though I'd still like to have the automatic adding of domains for most other sites.

An alternative that I haven't gotten to work would be to only add a certain "subdomain" to the list. E.g. papers from Science are located under science.com/doi/[DOI], while e.g. blogs are under science.com/content/[something], so if I could add only the first one to the list, that would be useful.

So I guess my question is; is it possible to specifically blacklist a domain? Or is it possible to add only certain "subdomains"? Or maybe there is some other solution I haven't thought of?

I realize that I probably should have just phrased this as a feature request for a domain blacklist, but I'm not sure if it already exists and I just can't find it.

I migrated from Mendeley to Zotero a few months ago, and I'm loving it so far, especially with the transparency in the development of new features and stuff.

Thanks in advance!
  • While this would be possible, it is partially accommodated by either disabling the "Automatically associate new hosts" checkbox in the proxies settings (although that will disable it for all domains, but you can still add them manually), or by clicking "Don't proxy this site" when Zotero automatically associates itself with a host, although you'd have to not forget to do that every time you log in via your university proxy.

    We would take a connector PR for this feature, or would consider it if there was more demand from other users.
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