Error for Bookmarks citations

I'm going to use LibreOffice with Bookmarks citation to share a document with a colleague who uses Microsoft Word.

I cannot insert citations in footnotes, but I don't have a lot of them and I can obviate the fews I have by making the citation in the text with white color on white background.

But then it says that they can cause errors if modified. What kind of errors are there? Is this error recoverable?

What if I use ReferenceMarks instead? It would still cause errors if modified by my colleague, so there is no difference with respect to Bookmarks, right?
  • Bookmarks may completely break when you edit text in them; they're also more fragile with respect to editing the text around them. Reference marks will just stop auto-updating when editing the text in them and should be quite robust/unaffected by edits of surrounding text. Unless you're passing the document back and forth constantly, I'd recommend using Reference Marks and then convert before sharing.
    If you are going back and forth a lot, you'll just want to be careful and have good versioned backups.
  • I lost you.

    If I do NOT past the document back and forth often, you suggest I use ReferenceMark in LibreOffice, and then convert before sharing ... convert to what? Bookmarks?

    But if ReferenceMarks just stop auto-updating, and I can repair them by re-making the citation, they are still more convenient than Bookmarks, right?

    I really wish this were simpler ....
  • Either convert via the transfer document workflow you discussed with dstillman in the other thread or by using Bookmarks.
    And yes, as I said, you should almost always use Reference Marks unless you're constantly switching the document between Word and LibreOffice.
  • So if I am *not* switching documents *constantly* between LibreOffice and Microsoft Word, but only *sometimes*, you suggest to use ReferenceMarks and hand the document with ReferenceMarks to the colleague that uses Microsoft Word, and when I get the document back manually fix the citations that got broken.

    Did I understand correctly?
  • No. Reference Marks disappear when the file is saved as .docx, so definitely don't do that.
    I suggest using Reference Marks in Word and then using the transfer document process to send the document to the Word user -- unless they're not going to use Zotero at all, in which case converting to Bookmarks for sharing is probably the way to go.
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