Sync Issues: File Availability does not match Sync Error

edited June 13, 2022

Zotero on my iPad reports a sync error (D1649549094), stating that it is "unable to upload attachment" although that attachment is available on both my iPad and my laptop. I did remove the file and reattached it, as suggested. I even removed it on my laptop, and created a new file for it there, and the synchronization with the iPad worked like a charm. But the synchronization error on the iPad persists.

Thank you so much!
  • ...and for some reason it has resolved itself now. (It seems that another issue was connected to it. After resetting the file sync history, which was recommended for the other issue, also this issue seems to have been resolved.)

    All problems are solved. (Is there a way for me to mark this discussion as closed? I couldn't find it.)
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