Word Plugin Citation Issue

Hi Zotero Team,

I have been experiencing errors when I insert citations and bibliography.

Here's an example:
1, I meant to cite this paper in my thesis in AMJ style

"Xu, D., Zhou, K., & Chen, S. 2021. The Impact of Maoist Communist Ideology on Patent Applications and Infringement. Academy of Management Journal, (ja)."

2, The correct in-text citation turned out to be like this : (Xu, Zhou, & Chen, 2021). This is correct when I insert the citation, but when I try to add the bibliography the intext citation changed to (D.Xu, Zhou, & Chen, 2021), which is not what I needed.

How can I keep a consistent citation format when I refresh or add the final bibliography?
Thanks for your help!

Kind Regards,
  • It is correct AMJ style to add the first author initials if you are citing multiple different “Xu” authors with different given names

    See also https://www.zotero.org/support/kb/given_name_disambiguation
  • Hi Zotero Team,

    I have attempted to edit the AMJ Style with the style editor, but I could not find the AMJ style in the list. I have installed AMJ and AMR styles, but I could only find AMR in the style editor list.
    I also tried to reinstall the AMJ style, but still, I couldn't find the AMJ style in the style editor.
  • If you view the source on the styles page you can see that it's just a dependent style pointing to AMR. That's the one you'd have to edit.
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