[iOS Beta]: ”add by identifier” dialog not fully visible on iPhone XR


When adding an item via “+” and then “by identifier” in the latest iOS Beta, the dialog is not fully visible on an iPhone XR: The field for the identifier is hidden by the keyboard. Thus, pasting from the clipboard is not possible.

Otherwise, this is obviously a great addition, particularly also because it works with the regular share sheet extension, and because it seems to identify and add Full Text PDFs directly where available. Thanks so much for that!

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  • Thanks for reporting the issue. It has been fixed and will be available soon on TestFlight.
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    Speaking of TestFlight: I just noticed I have been removed from the test group for Zotero iOS. Is this a coincidence or correlated w/ this bug report (or me reporting the screenshot associated to this bug via TestFlight)?
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    We haven't made any changes. TestFlight can sometimes be glitchy and not show any active groups. Try again later, or just rejoin the beta. (The current beta group is anonymous, so we wouldn't be able to check your membership anyway.)
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