Zotero note editor: Incompatible copy-paste with plain text editor

I have used Zotero for a long time. Recently, I switched to the new Zotero but faced with some incompatible copy-paste issues in the note editor. They cause problems independently from the autocorrect issues reported in another post.

These issues may break the workflow and damage the note content. In particular, the following are prominent issues:
- When copying plain text to Zotero note, if there are consecutive whitespaces, (1) some whitespaces are changed to special character <0xa0>, (2) one whitespace is deleted from the text.
- When copying from Zotero note to plain text, one new empty line is added between paragraphs.
- When copying-pasting both directions, if there are consecutive empty lines, the empty lines are deleted from the text.

The consecutive whitespaces and empty lines are usually used for semantic text format. These issues may break such semantics.

I know about the markdown copy-paste feature, but it seems to only work for copying a whole zotero note, so it is not useful for copying-pasting a part of the note. Moreover, some semantic formats are still broken in the markdown.

Maybe handling consecutive whitespaces and empty lines are difficult in some data formats, so I would like to thank the developers for their hard work. Zotero note is quite good, fixing these issues will make it more open and interoperable with other text editors.
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