zotero hangs indefinitely when trying to edit title

edited June 11, 2022
Twice already when I try to replace an existing title with a new one, the app exits the field after I enter the second letter and then hangs. I only see the pizza of death indefinitely and then have to force-quit. After restart, everything seems fine. I cannot reproduce this because I don't exit the field myself, it's the app that does it, and it doesn't do this every time. I have BibTex installed--could this be the problem? I feel like it has to do with recalculation of Bibtex citekey maybe?
  • Best I could suggest would be to run Zotero with terminal logging enabled, and then if it freezes you can send us the output.
  • Did you set up automatic export of Better bibtex? If so, you may try using the option for export "when idle". Using the option for export "on change" caused me similar problem in the past.
  • BBT does its exports in a background thread these days, so auto-export on-change really should not be a problem unless they're very large.
  • I don't do auto export because I use saved searches, so this is definitely not the problem. I will try to enable terminal logging.
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