Export of files to external readers

Having recently acquired a Kindle....

The kindle is fantastic for reading PDFs. Of course, they need to be converted to the right format and etc. What I do is to use the show file button from the right pane, and then drag and drop this into the programme Calibre (http://calibre.kovidgoyal.net/), then convert the file, and export it to my kindle (or whatever E-book reader device you use).

This works well. But it would be *so much easier* if Zotero had a similar convert and export function!! Is this on the cards, by any chance?
  • sounds like an option for a third party plugin rather than core functionality - but as such would certainly be nice.
  • I do the same as Anthony and would definitely enjoy such integration.
  • Does it currently work to drag-and-drop the attachment from Zotero to the converter program? I believe such drag-and-drop is planned (and maybe already implemented for some platforms?), and it might do most of what you want.
  • Under Linux, I can only drag and drop files, not Zotero objects.
    Not having to manually transfer the meta data would be a great improvement.
  • Well, once drag-and-drop is fixed under Linux, this may start working for you. Dan seems to know the details, but there was a bug in Firefox that prevented it from working for a time.
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