Can't edit citations in Word

edited June 8, 2022
In Word for Mac (16.61, but this has been an issue for a long time), I can create a new citation in a footnote by clicking the "Add/Edit citation" button in the toolbar, but I can't then edit that citation. If I click on the field, and click "Add/Edit citation", the Zotero plugin creates a new {citation} field in the footnote, rather than editing the citation field already in the footnote.

The problem can usually (but not always) be rectified by restarting the Zotero standalone app, but this looks like a bug, and I don't want to restart every time I need to edit a citation....

I'm using Zotero 6.0.8 -- but this is, again, a long-standing issue.
  • This happens:

    - whether I'm using the classic or the newer dialog
    - whether I select on the footnote marker or the footnote itself
    - whether I use draft or print layout in Word

    I have tried reinstalling Zotero, the plugin, and Word...
  • You need to put the cursor inside the citation text in the footnote to see the edit dialog.
  • This is exactly what I am doing….
  • Can you create a video recording of the issue? We've never had anyone else report this and have not seen it ourselves.
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