"Short Title" not appear in citations for Chicago 17th (note) even though it appears in preview

Hi all, This is my first post so please forgive me if I get the lingo wrong.

I am using Zotero and Microsoft Word, and they're integrating well. Process is great. BUT, I am using Chicago 17th (note) as my style, yet the "short title" is not appearing in *some* notes. Rather, the long title is.

I confirmed through the Manage Styles --> Style Preview option that the short title appears, even with the same cited works that are appearing in long-title form in my footnotes.

Any suggestions?

  • What item type are those items?
    And does that also happen when you cite them in a new document?
  • Single-author books and journal articles.

    Just created a new document, and yes, the inconsistency is there (some citations get short titles and some do not).

    --- I JUST figured this out. It was a duplicate zotero item, hiding in a weird spot., that didn't have the short title filled out.

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