Gender Issues Style Error

I'm trying to format for Gender Issues Journal which uses numbers of citations in brackets. However, when I format to that, the articles are put in number order according to where they are in the article instead of in alphabetical order. So, the first citation in the article is being numbered 1 when it's for an author last name starts with L. Please advise (I realize this may be user error).
  • The style we have for that journal just isn't right (their instructions are very unclear), we will take a look.

    @bwiernik the journal uses APA, numeric, brackets, alphabetical -- we don't have that anywhere, right? Would you add this as an APA style or just as the journal style?
  • I’ve got that in my private repo I think, so I will add it to the CSL repo
  • (I only saw superscript in your Zotero tools)
  • @adamsmith and @bwiernik do you have any suggestions? Is there a place I can find something that will work? Thank you!
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