Linked File Problem - Export PDF with annotations

I have made some highlights and annotations in a PDF that is a "linked file" in Zotero. I wish to have a copy of it as a standalone pdf with my highlights. When I try "File -> Save as..." or "File -> Export PDF" I got no result. What can I do to solve this problem?
  • What do you mean by no results? The annotations aren't saved or nothing happens when you select that option?
  • Nothing happens, the PDF isn't saved.
  • That's still not clear enough. See Steps to Reproduce for the kind of description we need. We'd also want a Debug ID for an attempt.
  • Debug ID: D2065243343

    Steps to Reproduce:

    1. Start Zotero
    2. Double click the item with a linked pdf
    3. In the Zotero PDF reader click in File > Save As...

    No error is displayed. But the PDF file is not saved.

    Possible relevant Information: the linked pdf lies in Google Drive folder in Windows 10 (G:\Meu Drive\...)
  • (Just to explain, the confusion here is that you keep saying that the PDF "isn't saved", but that's not the thing that's not "happening" — it sounds like what's actually not happening is that you're not getting a file picker to choose where to save the file. Zotero obviously can't save a file if you haven't chosen where to save it, so it doesn't make sense to say that the file isn't being saved.)
    Error: Worker 'export' failed
    It looks like this PDF has over 1500 annotations, which is…a lot. @martynas_b will need to take a look, and may have some follow-up questions.
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    I am sorry, I think my "Steps to reproduce" was not accurate enough. After, step 3, I do get a window and choose where to save the file. But after that the file is not saved. And yes, the file has a lot of annotations since it is a book of 530 pages I am currently studying. If there's no easy solution I am open for turnarounds. I would like a copy that does not depend on Zotero so I can easily share with coworkers who do not have Zotero. Thank you for your attention.
  • It's probably this issue.

    @ellon It would be useful if you could send us the PDF file to also including a link to this thread.
  • @ellon Are you sure that you can reproduce the issue with the file that you sent to us? Because export works fine for us. It also has only 2 annotations.
  • @martynas_b I believe the problem happens when Zotero needs to take the annotations stored in the Zotero Database and store them in the PDF. I just created a private group (Support-PDF-Export-Annotations) which I will send a invite to I believe that way you can have access to the full item with the stored Zotero annotations. Thus you can reproduce the problem by trying File -> Save As -> Choose Loc. Then nothing happens. I hope this help to assess the problem. If this is not the best approach, let me know. Thank you for the support!
  • @martynas_b it seems I can't invite a "" email for a Group Library. Please, give me instructions in how to proceed. Thank you!
  • You don't need to invite us to a group. Just tell us the URL that appears in your browser address bar when viewing the relevant parent item in the web library.
  • Ok, I was able to reproduce the issue, but only on Windows.
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