Translation, babelzilla

Hi, I was thinking of doing some translation of Zotero, but that Babelzilla site is making me reconsider… I spent half an hour just _finding_ zotero there (searching the site gave me nothing, had to reverse sort their list of all extensions), and when I did find it, Babelzilla said it was version 1.0.4 ( ) and, confusingly, "Sorry, but locales for nn-NO already exists." (um, they have zero translated strings…)

Does anyone have experience with Babelzilla? Or do people normally just circumvent it and edit po files or something directly?
  • Yeah, Babelzilla is a bit of a labyrinth, and the strings haven't been updated since Zotero 1.0.4. Your best bet is to contact the person currently listed as the (main) translator for Norwegian:

    He should be able to add you as a translator. In case he doesn't answer his email, you can always post a note in the Zotero thread (the Babelzilla moderators seem to check most posts).
  • New strings will be made available on BZ before 2.0 Final.
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