Change to APA (numeric, brackets)

For personal use, I want to make a small change to APA, Seventh Edition (numeric, brackets) and upload the customised version to Zotero. I have previously made custom style changes using the visual CSL editor, but I'm not sure how to go about making this particular change. I want the authors to be listed with initials first. So, "C. P. Snow" instead of "Snow, C. P." What's the quickest way of accomplishing this (without breaking the style in other respects)?
  • In the author-bib macro, remove the "name-as-sort-order" setting.
  • Open the style in a text editor. Search for name-as-sort-order and delete all the places where that occurs. Change the style title and ID at the top to anything else. Save and install into Zotero.
  • Thank-you! Will give this a go.
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