Use child attachment Date Added when creating parent item

This discussion was created from comments split from: Preserve original 'Date Added' for Imported Collections.
  • I added Items a long time ago in Zotero and no Parent Items were created at the time. Recently in an attempt to clean things up I created Parent items but the Parent Items have a very recent Date Added. The attachment still has the old Date Added. It seems to me that adding a Parent Item to an Item should take the Date Added from the Item that will become the attachment of the new Parent Item?

    It is a little frustrating because filtering by Date Added is a very useful feature and now I see a bunch of very old items.
  • I agree that keeping the Date Added of the child item would be useful.

    I sort by Date Added often because items imported together usually reflect a train of thought, which helps me find things again. Seeing the chronology is really helpful for me, often more than sorting them into collections or tags which I use a lot as well.

    Also, some books in chapters dragged into Zotero from the hard drive are only partly recognized, which results in a mix of parent items and lone attachments. Unless I clean this up immediately, some chapters will end up far away from the rest of the book in Date Added view.
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