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I am sharing some of my zotero items with collaborators in a research project. I understand that there is no way of sharing an item with a group library without duplicating it, which is not a problem, but I would like the attached pdf files to be included in the duplicated record but they are not.

My Settings under "General" look like this (all options ticked):

But there isn't any option to explicitly copy attachments. What am I missing?

  • That's the "Imported files and snapshots" option. Are attachments not coming along when you copy items? If so, make sure the group is set up for file sharing (that's in the group settings online).
  • We are already sharing some pdfs, so I assume the settings are correct:

    Group Type Public, Closed Membership
    Group Library Anyone can view, only members can edit

    So maybe I'm doing the copying wrong? I just drag the item from my main library to the relevant collection in the group library (BTW: there sometimes is a strange visual bug when doing: the dragged item is shown not only once but many times, so it looks like you're dragging many items).
  • The relevant settings are under "Manage Library" from -- you (or whoever is the group's owner) want to make sure that file editing is enabled for all group members, not just for admins.

    Drag & drop is correct -- note you can't drag the same item twice -- it's just not copy again, even if it's been changed in either location.
  • I'm the owner of the library, so no problem there. Nut this might be it:

    > you can't drag the same item twice

    So how do I copy an attachment from an item in one library to an existing copy of the item in another library?
  • I'm pretty sure you can drag the attachment by itself
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    It's not working for me:
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    You can't drag child attachments between libraries. If you want to copy the attachment you need to delete the parent item and drag that again.
  • Oh, I see. So if the parent item has been modified (or if it was added by someone else), the only way to add a pdf attachment from another library is to navigate to the pdf in finder/explorer and drag it onto the parent item?
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