Pictures in Note can not be export to Markdowm files,and can not be synced to other devices.

The images in the notes don't seem to be copied, nor do they appear in the exported file (html or md). Also cannot sync to other devices.
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    I just made some modifications to support markdown export with images and LaTex. I bet you'll be interested!

    The addon page is
    Export your note with images from the top-right button on the note editor!
  • @Hart_L: In what format were you expecting them?

    Markdown is a plain-text, human-readable format, so there's no concept of images other than links to URLs.

    To quote what I've said elsewhere:
    For Markdown and HTML, as least as long as we're exporting a single file (and inherently for Quick Copy), the main option would be to embed them as Base64-encoded strings, but that would create a much larger file, and depending on how your Markdown editor handles it, you might see huge strings of gibberish in the middle of your theoretically user-editable document. But at least some Markdown editors apparently can handle that. For an export, there could be an option to include images as separate files along with the exported .md/.html file.
    From that thread, it sounds like @hsiangyu_wong went with a link to the image within the Zotero data directory.
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    The earlier version does this export by linking images to the Zotero data directory. At the same time, the latest update copies images to the export file dir and uses a relative path in markdown, which would be safer and easier to manage images.

    In a future version, users may choose an image directory freely, or keep things as it is in the data directory.
  • OK, so that's for export, and we could do that. That of course wouldn't work for Quick Copy, though.
  • yes, quick copy as base64 is the best solution!
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    Thank you, I'm not very knowledgeable about markdown formatting. When I was writing notes, I used screenshot software to take screenshots of the pictures in the literature and copied them into the notes, just like in notion or word. But when I try to copy into notion, the picture disappears. At the same time I found that I can't view the pictures in my notes on Android and iOS devices. The above is the problem I encountered.
  • @hsiangyu_wong:
    Thank you for your fantastic contribution of plugin! However, for direct pdf export, I found that both inline math equation (quoted by $equation$) and block equation ($$equation$$) cannot be printed as formulas. Also, I tried md export, and found all inline math equations are assigned in a new line, which in quite weird to read. Thank you.
  • @yunxiao_zhai Thanks, I will check. I haven't had time to add support for math for PDF export, but the md export is expected to work.
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