Can't search tags inside PDFs and notes

I wonder why this functionality even exists at all. I tagged a lot of notes inside different articles that mentioned the same subject, and then, to my surprise, none of those tags show up anywhere in Zotero. I can only see and search tags I attribute to the texts themselves.

If you can't search, group or visualize tags, then they have no use at all, it's just a pretty way of wasting your time.
  • You can currently only view them for a single PDF (in the annotation bar on the left), but allowing you to filter annotations by tag across PDFs is definitely planned.
  • Ok, I understand it. Maybe I overreacted here and was a bit ungrateful. Zotero is a great tool and the fact that it's open source and free alone sets it apart.

    I was just pissed off when I found out, I have to deliver my thesis soon and I just lost my drive when I found out I can't filter these tags.

    Anyway, thanks for the clarification
  • Super that you plan to allow searching by tags added in notes - this is a very useful feature and sorely lacking. The optimal solution would be if the document opens where the note and tag were added. Will something like this be possible?
  • Hello, adding a second voice to the searching of tags added in notes. This would be a great feature!
  • Hello,
    I would like, if possible, to understand the complexity to make this happens, since the function is really relevant.
    By the way, if there is someone who could make it for a forked Zotero Standalone for Linux, i'm searching a dev for this job.
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