Remarkable 2 Integration

Has anyone used a Remarkable 2 with their Zotero account?

It would be great to access my Zotero documents on the Remarkable 2 e-reader.

  • Hi

    I left this message on the reMarkable site.
    Wishes and Ideas:

    As a research scientist I use my reMarkable mostly for reading scientific publications. Like many peers, I use Zotero for keeping track of papers and citations. Unfortunately, there is no easy way to connect reMarkable to Zotero, yet. It would be fantastic to add Zotero as an integration like Google Drive, Dropbox and MS OneDrive. What would be cool, as well, is to keep track of annotations and simply save back an annotated version into the Zotero database as a second pdf document, rather than uploading a new version manually to some other location and end up with multiple unrelated copies. Tags could be shared.
  • I agree, it would not be an impossible feature. I guess the only possible way for the moment is to install Parabola on the Remarkable and use a Zotero client.
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