Tag colours no longer showing

in the recent beta on MacOS, tag colours are no longer shown in the lists (see last image on https://zotero-manual.github.io/tags/#colored-tags how they used to look like). Strangely, this only affects one previously created tag. Instead of showing the colour, the name of the tag is shown in the list. I've tried renaming it as well as removing and adding the colour - does not work. With other tags, it seems to be ok.
  • Ok, this bug seems to be related to using the star symbol ⭐️ as the name of the tag. With this symbol, something breaks.
  • edited May 30, 2022
    If a tag consists of emojis only, these emojis are used instead of a colored square in the items list. This feature has been part of Zotero for about a year now, but there was a bug that prevented some emojis, most notably ⭐️, from displaying correctly. So If you're seeing ⭐️ instead of the colored square in the items list - that's how it is supposed to appear.

    If you don't like this feature, one way to resolve it would be to rename ⭐️ tag to ★.
  • Thanks that's actually nice! Previously my tage was 0⭐️ which looked bad (the latest version not only showed the emoji but also the text!) Now I have renamed it to ⭐️ it looks nice.
  • I believe "0⭐️" shouldn't actually be treated as emojis only, this is probably a bug in current beta, thanks for letting us know, we will look into it.
  • Both of these bugs should be fixed now in Zotero 6.0.9.
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