Three Authors

Zotero changed the citations where I have two articles with the same three authors to (Bishop, DeZoort, et al., 2017b) from (Bishop, et al., 2017b). APA 7 (pg. 266) says that the parenthetical citation should be (Bishop et al., 2017b). It was correct initially but when I refreshed it changed this citation. I thought maybe it added the second author because there was another article written by Bishop (second author different, same year), but there are only three authors and it looks to me like APA 7th Ed. indicates then all three authors should be listed, since et al. implies more than one more.

I also tried to understand the documentation that said to change the et-al abbreviation but I don't really understand what to do.

Any help is appreciated.
  • It is correct APA style to add additional authors like this when two different author teams would be reduced to the same “Bishop et al.” Additional names are added until the citations are no longer ambiguous.
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