[Feature Request] Item Type "Specification"

I've been working a lot with (technical) specifications/standards (e.g. from ISO, ANSI, ...) and IMHO it would be nice to have a fitting item type to choose from in Zotero.
I don't know what the requirements are for a new Item Type to be created but the reasons why I would prefer one are:

1. Specifications often do not have an author (see, e.g.: http://docs.oasis-open.org/wss-m/wss/v1.1.1/os/wss-SOAPMessageSecurity-v1.1.1-os.pdf) but a Technical Committee that authored the document. The new Item Type could reflect that.
2. A specification can be published by multiple institutions (e.g. https://www.iso.org/standard/74640.html), it would be nice if I could add them separately in the UI.

If there are prior discussions on this topic (that I apparently didn't find while searching) please refer me there.

Otherwise I'm exited to hear your opinions on this :)
  • A Standard item is planned. For now, you can tell Zotero an item is a standard by putting this in Extra:

    Type: standard

    That will be cited correctly for styles that support it, but note that most styles haven’t been updated to handle standards specifically yet.

    Items like this will be migrated automatically when a proper standard item is added
  • perfect, thanks :)
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